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    The story - from here to there...

    Woodworking is in my genes.

    I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where my father and uncle were both craftsman.

    Through them, I inherited a sense for beauty, harmony and balance.

    Often in the past, people suggested that I make a living with my hands. Finally in 2001 I acted on these suggestions and entered the Fine Woodworking Program at Haywood College in North Carolina.

    Although I work within the four walls of a studio, my mind enjoys traveling beyond the limitations of traditional designs. This is where the creative ideas start - capturing that first idea and then all the possibilities for its development. I craft pieces of furniture that are a pleasure to live with and are harmonious creations of function and beauty. Sometimes a piece progresses step-by-step.

    First the legs, then the aprons and finally the top. In my work I attempt to capture harmony, beauty and functionality - Creating furniture that is pleasant to the eye and with lines emphasizing boundlessness. The creative process starts with sketches, full-size drawings and models. All along the way I play with different possibilities using plain cardboard to visualize the evolving character of the piece.

  • “A native of the Netherlands, his vision and craftsmanship in the creation of his award-winning furniture designs can only be described as breathtaking. Besides his utterly unique and truly beautiful designs, you have never seen wood employed before as it is by this artist”


    The Bedford Pound Ridge Record Review – June 30, 2017

  • Paulus Fine Furniture

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